Attractive Characteristic #1: Inner Peace

What makes you attractive?

What attracts you to another performer?

It's that aura that is given off when one is at peace with themselves, their surroundings, their role as the performer.

To put it simply: they're comfortable in their own skin - and it makes us comfortable watching them perform.

We've all seen someone who isn't comfortable on stage.

We've all been that someone at one point or another.

And it's excruciating, for both us and those watching us.

But it Doesn't Have to Be That Way!

(Cue Jim Croce)


What is a "whole musician?"
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In this first in the series titled The Attractive Character, conductor and career coach Stephen P. Brown joins me to discuss:

  1. What exactly is inner peace?
  2. How can we attain it and then sustain it while we perform in front of others?

It all comes down to this: Do you know your "why" for performing?

If it's to impress other people - or yourself - it's a great way to not feel inner peace as a performer.

It's also a great way to make people press the "next" button on YouTube - or long for a "next" button during a live performance.

But if your "why" is to use your talents and abilities to make the world a better place, you're on your way.

And it will show when you take the stage.

You miss a note, your equipment malfunctions, and you just smile and shrug it off.

For my money, that's a far more enjoyable performance than the person who plays something technically perfect but doesn't exude that inner peace.

It gives me, the audience member, joy to see them perform.

It makes me, the consumer, give them my email address so I can keep tabs on their activities, and wait with baited breath for them to publish something new.

It's just one of the traits of the "Attractive Character" that Stephen and I will discuss each week here on The Whole Musician podcast. So enjoy it, and subscribe on your favorite podcast medium so you never miss an episode!

(As of publishing this first episode, it is not available on all mediums, but will be very soon.)

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